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What Are the Differences Between Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse?

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What Are the Differences Between Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse?

For most sports, the differences for boys and girls are slim to none. In lacrosse, however, the two games are drastically different, and you may be wondering how and why when you’re looking for gear at Lacrosse Fanatic. Below are some of the main differences between boys’ and girls’ lacrosse that you should know about.


The first and obvious difference between the two games is the equipment the players wear. There’s a lot more gear for boys’ lacrosse, including everything from shoulder pads and gloves to helmets and arm guards. Girls’ equipment, on the other hand, is very minimal apart from slimmer gloves along with goggles or a helmet and a mouth guard. Goalies wear similar gear regardless.

There’s also a difference in the sticks the players use. Boys can use either a short stick (40–42”) or a long pole (52–72”), while girls’ sticks range from 35.5” to 43.25”. Girls’ lacrosse stick heads also have less of a pocket compared to what the boys use, which makes cradling, throwing, and shooting more distinct.

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Style of Play

The equipment that boys wear is an indicator of the game’s style of play, which features more physical contact, like you might find in ice hockey. The women’s game has far less physical contact, with no checks allowed; it’s more in the vein of soccer in terms of physicality. Face-offs also stand out as huge differences, with the boys competing for the ball on the ground, while girls fight for it in a standing position.

Field Dimensions

Boys and girls play on a field similar to a football or soccer field, with a playing surface of either natural grass or artificial field turf. However, the field dimensions differ, with the girls playing on a larger field of 120 to 140x70 yards, compared to a boys’ field of 110x60 yards.


The final difference between boys’ and girls’ lacrosse has to do with the positions. Both games have goalies, but after that, the similarities end. In boys’ lacrosse, there are nine field players on the field at a time for each team. These players consist of:

  • Three defensemen
  • Three midfielders
  • Three attackmen

Girls’ lacrosse has 11 players on the field for each team. On the offensive side, there are five total players:

  • First home
  • Second home
  • Third home
  • Two attackers

Then, there are six defensive positions:

  • Center
  • Point
  • Cover point
  • Third man
  • Two wings

As you can see, lacrosse isn’t at all the same for boys and girls, and knowing that early on will help you find the right equipment at Lacrosse Fanatic. If you need help with your search, our experts are happy to help you find what’s best—regardless of which type of lacrosse you play—either online or at our Sacramento location!