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Custom Strung Heads

Stringing Matters!

All of our staff are trained to string by 2x Professional Champion, Mikie Schlosser of the PLL Waterdogs.

Every head that we carry has a pocket designed by Mikie.  They all hang on our stringing wall.  This ensures that our stringing department follows each of Mikie's designs exactly as he intended.

Then every head is double checked and tested before you get it. 


Signs that you might need to get your stick checked out:

  • You are throwing into the ground
  • The strings are frayed
  • Your mesh is ripped
  • You got flagged for an illegal stick
  • The best player on the team added WHIP to your stick
  • The ball isn't going where you want
  • Someone gave you there old head


We ️️Love Stringers 😍  

But, just because someone can string their own stick, or watches a YouTube video, doesn't mean that they are going to give your player the pocket they need to perform their best! 

Without the right pocket the head may not perform to its capabilities.  Your player might lose confidence, or worse question if lacrosse is their sport. 


Things to consider when stringing a head:

  • What position are you playing?
  • How experienced a player are you?
  • What head are you using?
  • Do you prefer semi soft or semi hard mesh?
  • Different mesh brands break in differently
  • There are numerous stringing holes in each head
  • How many diamonds should I use?

Purchase Your Custom Strung Head Today!

  • Just click women's or men's heads below
  • Choose your head.
  • Select Lax Fan Custom Strung from the dropdown menu on that product page
  • Choose your mesh and string options. 
  • We'll string it up and ship it out as quickly as possible, but typically within 48 hours.