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Differences Between Mesh and Traditional Lacrosse Pockets

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Differences Between Mesh and Traditional Lacrosse Pockets

Determining which lacrosse head you want to go with is just one part of the equation. The other factor involves figuring out the type of pocket you’d like to have. The type you go with is important since it can impact your passing, catching, and shooting ability. Find out the key differences between mesh and traditional lacrosse pockets so you can dictate what’s best for you!

Mesh Pockets

Mesh lacrosse pockets are found in the overwhelming majority of sticks in the men’s game and were made legal on the women’s side in 2018. Players tend to use mesh pockets because they are durable and consistent. Mesh pockets are rapidly gaining popularity in women’s lacrosse.

Different Types of Mesh

When it comes to mesh, there are two different types to choose from. Semi-soft mesh is easier to break in, provides a great feel, and can be easier to string. However, semi-soft mesh can eventually bag out, requires maintenance, and lead to a tougher throw in the elements.

A stick that is strung with semi-hard mesh will be more consistent in rain or snow, and the ball won’t move around as much. Since the mesh is harder, stringing is more difficult, it takes longer to break in, and it gives players less of a feel for the ball.

Traditional Pockets

A lot has changed with lacrosse sticks since the game first began in Native American reservations. Traditional lacrosse pockets speak to the sport’s native roots and remain common in women’s lacrosse, but they are starting to lose ground to mesh pockets. They are still used by players in the men’s game every now and then.

A traditional lacrosse pocket will stand out on the field since it features leather, lacing, and plenty of knots, which makes them harder to string. Players typically go with a traditional pocket for more control, better hold, and whip.

A lot can go into your lacrosse stick, and at the heart of it all lies the pocket. Knowing the differences between mesh and traditional lacrosse pockets is a good start to build the stick you want to take onto the field. Whether you go with mesh or traditional, Lacrosse Fanatic has you covered with complete sticks, men's and women’s lacrosse stringing kits, our custom stringing services, and more!