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What To Look For in Lacrosse Cleats Before Buying

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What To Look For in Lacrosse Cleats Before Buying

Lacrosse newcomers are guilty of sporting cleats that weren’t specifically designed for the game. While you can get away with football or soccer cleats, baseball cleats with metal spikes are a no-go, and all of these options are still lacking in some areas unique to lacrosse.

Footwork is a huge part of lacrosse, which is why choosing the right footwear is important. Before you commit to a pair of lacrosse cleats, find out what you should look for in them.

Think About Comfort

The first thing you need to think about when you’re looking for a pair of cleats is comfort. Some players are looking for more ankle support while others need something that’s more lightweight. Try on different cuts to determine what works best with your game.

Different Types of Cuts

When it comes to lacrosse cleats, there are three common types of cuts. They are as follows:

  • Low-Cut: If you’re looking for a lightweight cleat, these are the best option. Low-cut cleats are also great for cutting, which is why those who play attack or defense opt for this cleat. However, since they’re low-cut, there isn’t a lot of ankle support.
  • High-Top: These boot-like cleats are excellent for players looking for maximum ankle support. While the protection is excellent, high-tops can be restrictive when it comes to movement on the field.
  • Mid-Top: This type of cleat is the best of both worlds and is great for two-way players. Mid-top cleats will give you a bit more protection than low-cut cleats.

Consider the Playing Surface

Another factor players need to take into consideration is the playing surface they’ll be competing on. Lacrosse is normally played on either natural grass or artificial turf. Choosing a cleat made for a different type of field can make it difficult to hone your footwork, which is why you should consider your options.

Different Types of Cleats

Given the different types of playing surfaces in lacrosse, companies have developed a few different types to go along with them. Here are some common ones you will find:

    • Molded: These cleats come with spikes or plastic knobs on the bottom and are designed for playing on a specific surface. Molded cleats are affordable but require some maintenance and aren’t very flexible.
    • Detachable: Unlike molded cleats, you can remove the studs of detachable ones when they get worn down or you want to change the length. Detachable cleats are great for field turf and natural grass but tend to cost more money.
    • Turf: Turf cleats have tiny spikes on the bottom of the shoes. This can be a great option if you frequently play on artificial surfaces.
    • Basketball Shoes: If you play box lacrosse on a basketball-court-like surface, wear basketball shoes that offer plenty of ankle support and have flat bottoms.

Match Team Colors

Since lacrosse cleats come in a variety of different styles, they also come in many different colors. Think about your team colors when you are looking for a lacrosse cleat and get one that matches. If you play on multiple teams, choose a white or black cleat that’ll match with whoever you play for.

Signs of the Perfect Fit

The final part of what to look for in lacrosse cleats is the fit. Try on different cleats to make sure the one you choose fits perfectly. Ensure you don’t feel pain when you wear them and that there’s a little space in the front for your toes to have enough room.

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