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An Overview of Helmets in Women’s Lacrosse

  • 2 min read
An Overview of Helmets in Women’s Lacrosse

When you watch women’s lacrosse, you may wonder why players don’t wear helmets when they do in men’s games. In 2017, Cascade and Hummingbird released helmets specifically made for women’s lacrosse, which is why you see more and more players wearing them. However, not all players wear a helmet, and you might not realize that it’s a hot button issue in the lacrosse community. Learn more about the debate with an overview of helmets in women’s lacrosse to decide what’s best for you.

What the Rules Say

Per USA Lacrosse regulations, helmets are optional unless you are playing goalie. Though helmets aren’t required at the national level, the state of Florida has mandated the use of them. If a player does wear a helmet, it must meet the ASTM standard labeled on the helmet itself. It’s also worth noting that field players are still required to wear goggles even if they choose not to wear a helmet.

The Argument for Helmets

As for the debate in the lacrosse community, the game introduced helmets after various studies. A study found was that there was an alarming rate of head injuries in competitions where players just wore goggles. Therefore, safety is the main driver behind the support for helmets, and many see it as a way to reduce head injuries in the sport.

The Argument Against Helmets

There are also those who are vocal against the idea of making players wear helmets. A common argument is that having players wear helmets can lead to more aggression; this is known as the “gladiator effect.” Other claims include the game not being classified as a contact sport and the idea that it doesn’t need more protection because it’s more about skill than physicality. Many who are against helmets are looking to preserve the game’s traditional style of play.

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