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Essential Equipment for Girls’ Lacrosse

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Essential Equipment for Girls’ Lacrosse

One of the highlights of playing lacrosse is having the ability to choose what gear you want to wear out on the field. From the stick to your cleats, girls have some cool options for gear, despite requiring less equipment than the boys’ game. If you are new to lacrosse, you may need some direction on where to start. Lacrosse Fanatic can help you every step of the way. Here’s an overview of the essential equipment for girls’ lacrosse.


The most prized possession of a lacrosse player is the stick they use. A girls’ lacrosse stick has two main parts to it. The top part is the head, which is where the ball will go, thanks to the mesh or traditional stringing holding it together.

The second part of the stick is the shaft, which is where players put their hands to control the stick as they pass, shoot, and pick up groundballs. Unlike the boys’ game, field players in the female game will all have sticks of a similar size, 35 ½ to 43 ¼ inches. However, players can also go with a shaft curved 10 degrees at the top for a better hold and a faster release. If you go with the curved shaft, make sure the head will fit the shaft before you buy it. Players also have options when it comes to the type of material their shaft is made from. These shaft options include:

  • Aluminum alloy
  • Titanium alloy
  • Scandium alloy
  • Carbon fiber
  • Wood

You can buy lacrosse sticks with the head and shaft intact or separate, with or without the head strung. For those new to the game, a women’s complete lacrosse stick is the best and most affordable option. Lacrosse Fanatic offers a wide selection of complete sticks from top brands like Gait, STX, Maverik, True, StringKing, Brine, and ECD.

Head Protection

The next important piece of equipment girls need in lacrosse is some type of head protection. Girls have a little more flexibility in the type of protection they want to wear on their heads, and the best options are a heavily discussed topic in the lacrosse community.


The type of protection you’ve probably seen the most is goggles. That’s because it’s the most traditional form out there. Goggles will cover the head and protect the eyes but still allow players to get a good view of the field. Girls must wear goggles, at the very least, since the game is semi-contact.


Helmets are a fairly recent addition to the women’s game, and they’re another option for players to consider. The Cascade LX still features the same eye protection goggles offer, but it has an added level of protection on the top of the head. If you already own a pair of goggles, then you can go with a helmet from Hummingbird, which just offers protection for the top of the head.


Depending on the feel of their lacrosse stick’s shaft or personal preference, some players might also want to sport gloves on the field. Girls’ lacrosse gloves are more in line with what one would wear in golf or field hockey than those for boys’ lacrosse or ice hockey. Besides giving players an extra level of grip on their shaft, wearing a glove offers an extra layer of protection and can be incredibly useful when bad weather conditions hit.

Goalie Equipment

Goalies will be wearing more gear than those who are out on the field since they will be taking shots left and right. Goalies in girls’ lacrosse will don gear very similar to what the boys wear. Here is a list of the gear goalies should be wearing in the net:


For helmets, goalies will want to wear what’s commonly used in the boys’ game since it offers more protection. Some great helmet options for goalies include the Cascade-S, R, the new XRS, and the CPX-R for those in high school. Younger players can go with the Cascade CPV-R or the CS-R. For optimum protection, helmets will also need a throat guard that they’ll either tie or screw on.

Chest Protector

The next vital piece of goalie equipment is a chest protector, which will cover the entire upper body from the shoulders down to the waist. A chest protector will not cover the arms since goalies need more mobility to make saves. In 2021, all goalie chest protectors must meet SEI certifications for player safety, which you can find at Lacrosse Fanatic. Some great options include the Maverik Max EKG or the Shield 600 or 400 from STX.


The chest isn’t the only vulnerable part of the body for those in the cage. Goalies will also need to wear gloves that are more in line with what the boys wear. This means the gloves will be bulkier, with layers of padding and extra protection at the thumb. The Maverik M5, Rome, or Max will work well.

Goalie Stick

Goalies will also wield a different stick than field players since their role in the game is a bit different. Instead of a narrow lacrosse head, goalies will sport a stick with a much wider head so that they can make all sorts of crazy saves. A goalie lacrosse shaft will also be a little bit longer at 35 ½ and 52 inches.


Goalies will also want to protect their lower body, too, with the appropriate pair of pants. What sets these pants apart is that they also have plenty of padding that will keep you from feeling the tough sting of a shot. For protection on the legs, goalies can also opt to wear shin guards.


Going back to the equipment all players should be wearing, a mouthguard is another must-have. Lacrosse Fanatic offers mouthguards in all sorts of different sizes and colors. Most importantly, they give players the dental protection they need out on the field.


Another essential piece of equipment for girls’ lacrosse is what you wear on your feet. Lacrosse is a game full of speed, agility, and cuts, which is why girls will want a pair of cleats that offer plenty of support to prevent injury. Players can go with mid-, high-, or low-cut options.

One of the best options for girls is the Under Armour highlight cleats, which come with built-in ankle support. They’re a great choice for girls with narrow feet. If you are regularly playing on an artificial playing surface, you can also go with turf shoes, but it’s worth noting that regular cleats are more versatile since you can use them for both grass and field turf.


The final piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting ready to play girls’ lacrosse is what to wear. Beyond the pinnies and uniforms provided by the team for practice and games, girls will also want to find themselves a pair of shorts or a skirt to perform in, along with a comfortable shirt. To take your style one step further, grab a pair of socks from Adrenaline too! Lastly, don’t forget to put your hair back with a sporty headband.

Starter and Rental Kits at Lacrosse Fanatic!

To make it even easier for first-time players and parents, Lacrosse Fanatic also offers a starter kit from Maverik. In the package, players will get a complete stick, a white Cascade LX helmet, and a backpack to store it all in. We also have two-piece rental kits with helmets or goggles and a complete stick that is up to date with the latest stick regulations.

Essential Equipment for Girls’ Lacrosse