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STX Lacrosse Rebounder Repair Kit

STX Lacrosse Rebounder Repair Kit

This is the perfect item for the rebounder that has lost its bounce from age or tough weather conditions.  A new net and bungees with make even the most weathered and rusty rebounder pop back to life again.

  • Replacement net
  • 26 individual ball bungees
  • 12 quick connect spring clips

Pro Tip:

When putting the replacement net on the rebounder start the bungees on each of the four corners.  Then add one in the middle and follow that row to the bottom and add another in the middle on the right and follow that row to the other side.  Keep splitting the difference of largest open space and follow that row to add a bungee evenly on the other side.  Keep doing this until all of the bungees are used up. 

And by adding a bungee on the same row (top/bottom or left/right) you will ensure that your bungees are evenly spaced which prevents tighter areas in some spots and loose areas in others.  

And watch out when you throw the first ball.  It's going to come back FAST!