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STX Goalie Shield 600 Lacrosse Chest Protector with Chest Plate

The STX Goalie Shield 600 Lacrosse Chest Protector is one of the best lacrosse chest protectors on the market for advanced and collegiate level players. This chest protector is on the higher end of the protectors STX has ever put out. 

We love the back strap fitting system, and how it keeps the pad in place. The chest plate has more protection around the sternum, and big velcro wraps the padding around your sides keeping the pads in the right position. 

  • Floating chest plate offers flexibility and mobility
  • Compression molded design for a low profile silhouette
  • Stretch zones allow upper body to move freely
  • Strap system adjusts vertically and horizontally for personalized fit
  • Removable stomach pad for optional, additional coverage
  • Meets NOCSAE standard for chest protection
What The Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have To Say:
The STX Shield 600 Goalie Chest Protector is designed for the advanced player that prefers a lightweight, highly protective and adjustable chest protector. The EKG chest plate is completely free floating and completely covers the chest and heart area. The chest plate also collapses on itself allowing goalies to make those tough cross body saves without restricting mobility. The belly portion of the pad is completely removable maximizing comfort while in the cage. The adjustable straps allow goalies to have free range as to how tight or loose they prefer the pad to be.