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STX Cell X Box Lacrosse Rib Pad

The STX Cell X Box Lacrosse Rib Pads offer a hard outer shell and a soft padded liner to protect your ribs, kidneys, and back. The three-part design and stretch mesh backing is deceptively comfortable. 

  • Protective covering for the rib, kidney, and spine
  • Super-soft padded liner and hard plastic shell provides ideal balance of comfort and protection
  • Stretch mesh backing keeps pads and straps in place during play
  • Three-part back provides full coverage and contoured spine protection
  • Adjustable straps and front cinch option for a custom fit

What the Lacrosse Fanatic staff have to say:

"These may look stiff but they don't interfere with mobility at all!"

"I like how high the protection comes up the back!"