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STX Cell X Box Lacrosse Arm Guard

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The STX Cell X Box Lacrosse Arm Guards were designed specifically for the box game. They offer full comfortable protection and are lightweight. The 360 bicep strap will keep these pads where you want them.  

  • Designed specifically for the box game
  • Superior upper and forearm design provides contoured, full-coverage protection
  • Ultra-lightweight, no-slip mesh sleeve provides ideal comfort and fit
  • Low-profile plastic elbow cap for high-impact protection
  • Multi-direction, dual-strap system includes a 360° bicep strap designed to lock pads in place
  • Adjustable/removable wrist guard for added protection

What the Lacrosse Fanatic staff has to say:

Not only are these arm pads super comfortable but they offer great protection! Although the description says designed specifically for box I would recommend them to field players looking for extra protection. The removable wrist guard doesn't hinder mobility either and protects a part of the forearm that normally isn't covered by other arm guards which a great feature!