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StringKing Metal 3 Pro 135 Mens Attack Shaft

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The StringKing Metal 3 Pro 135 Mens Attack Shaft is made with premium alloy and precise manufacturing. The Metal 3 Pro lacrosse shafts deliver the performance you want with the durability you need, all without weighing you down. 

  • More Durable: Metal 3 Pro lacrosse shafts feature an improved alloy and smarter material distribution to make them stronger, and more durable options ensure everyone can find a shaft tough enough for them.
  • Improved Alloy: Better manufacturing makes the Metal 3 Pro alloy stronger, and analyzing warranty claims helps reinforce weak spots without adding extra weight.
  • Better Options: Metal 3 Pro shafts come in more durable options to stand up to physical play, so everyone can find the strength they need at a price they love. 

What we think about this handle: 

StringKing did a great job with the different options for their Metal 3 Pro shafts. The traditional alloy feel of this stick is nice and it has 3 pre-drilled holes to accommodate different heads. This 135 gram option is great for the youth player, 13 and under, who wants a good stick at an affordable price. Every Metal 3 Pro handle comes with a standard butt end, end cap and roll of tape.