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StringKing Mark 2V Midfield Factory Strung Mens Lacrosse Head

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The StringKing Mark 2V Midfield Lacrosse Head delivers a balance of strength, control and accuracy to the midfielder or all-around player. Stiffest head in its weight class, and ideal for custom stringing and ground ball pick up!

  • 29 stringing holes on each sidewall allow for unrivaled customization and fine-tuning.
  • Incredibly strong, light and stiff head 
  • Aggressively angled scoop acts like a funnel, letting you attack the ball from any direction.


  • Type 4s Mesh - The new standard for performance lacrosse mesh. Designed to be lighter, tighter, and thinner, Type 4 delivers faster shots, more control, and better feel. The channel of Type 4 has a slightly thinner construction than the outer rails. This creates a pocket that reacts to your play to keep the ball right where you want it.
  • Stiffest Head In Its Weight Class By Far: Advanced bone-growth optimization software helps identify low-stress areas where they could remove material without sacrificing strength—giving you an incredibly strong, light, stiff lacrosse head.
  • Best Scoop In Lacrosse: 1: Rounded edges on the front prevent your head from digging into the ground. 2: An aggressive forward angle guides loose balls into your pocket, so you can attack the ball from any direction. 3: The ultra-stiff construction gives you more power, accuracy and consistency.
  • Ultimate Versatility: Its easier than ever to string up the perfect pocket. 29 stringing holes on each sidewall allow for unrivaled customization and fine-tuning.
  • No More Head Rattle: The lightweight Locking Bolt on the Mark 2V goes through the front and back of our Metal 2 shafts, securing the head from both ends to stop head rattle.


What The Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have To Say:

Attention all MIDFIELDERS! If you are a "do-it-all" player, then the 2V is the perfect head for you. The 2V will deliver in all aspects of the midfield position. *Except Face-offs. (Let's be smart about this one...pick up the StringKing Mark 2F if you want to face off.)

  • Extremely stiff head 
  • Picking up GB's will be a breeze
  • Smooth release for pinpoint accuracy
  • Multiple sidewall holes for endless stringing possibilities