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StringKing Mark 2F Faceoff Mens Lacrosse Head

The StringKing Mark 2F is the ultimate face-off head.  StringKing really put their time into designing this head and it shows.  The key design features are the angled scoop, hybrid plastics, shortened throat, straighter sidewall, higher flare all of which work extremely well together providing the flexibility and control that you want in the heat of the battle during face-offs.

  • Angled scoop - The Mark 2F has an angled scoop allowing you to quickly recover ground balls from any angle.
  • Hybrid plastics - By using the best materials specifically with face-offs in mind, the Mark 2F provides you both flexibility and stiffness while also allowing the head to hold its shape, which is a key attribute.
  • Design - With a shortened throat you are able to choke up more, giving you greater leverage.  The throat also has three connection points for StringKing's signature screws to attach your head to the shaft, preventing the chance of any movement.  And with a straighter sidewall and higher flare you will be able to have better ball control.

What the Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have To Say: 

The StringKing Mark 2F is by far our favorite face-off head on the market. It is extremely lightweight allowing players to clamp faster than ever before. The reinforced throat increases ball control on the clamp. The elongated sidewall is stretched to the max creating a long channel and pocket surface area. The Mark 2F is also known for how quickly the face-shape snaps back into place after exiting the face-off X. This allows face-off middies to stay and play versus facing off and getting off.