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StringKing Mark 2 Offense Women's Lacrosse Head

The StringKing Mark 2 Offense Women's Lacrosse Head features an aggressive offset and tighter face shape, helping create a more focused pocket for better ball control and faster shots.

Lightest head on the market. StringKing removed unnecessary material on the Mark 2 Offense to create a lightweight women's lacrosse head that delivers speed and consistency.
Better ball control.The Mark 2 Offense features an aggressive sidewall design and tighter face shape to give you even more control and better feel with the ball in your stick.
Faster shots.The sidewall profile helps create a more focused high pocket that loads the ball in the sweet spot for faster, more accurate shots.
  • Type 4 Mesh: Designed to be softer and more responsive, Type 4 delivers better feel, more control, and faster shots. StringKing’s Tri-Twist™ technology increases the texture and elasticity of Women's Type 4 mesh, which helps cushion and grip the ball to give you more control.

What The Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have To Say:

StringKing makes life pleasantly simple when it comes to choosing what head you should be using. Similarly to other brands, they have certain heads that adhere to specific positions. The Mark 2 series is broken down into Mark 2 Offense, Mark 2 Midfield, and Mark 2 Defense. Each line of heads have many similarities, however each position will need specific differences to give you an edge at your respective position. 

StringKing Mark 2 Offense: 

  • Lightest offensive head in the women's game. 
  • Aggressive face shape channels the ball to the sweet spot for maximum control and feel on the ball.