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StringKing Mark 2 Defense Women's Strung Lacrosse Head

The StringKing Mark 2 Defense Women's Factory Strung Lacrosse Head features Type 4 Mesh with a High Pocket straight from StringKing.

The Mark 2 Defense Women's Head offers a light and stiff construction with a moderate side profile and more forgiving face shape to help you maintain possession. The Mark 2 Head delivers consistent performance with a stiff design perfect for blocking passes, attacking ground balls, and pushing transitions.With a more gradual sidewall offset and wider face shape, the Mark 2 Defense helps you get and maintain possession on both ends of the field. The stiff and rounded scoop of the Mark 2 Defense lacrosse head helps you attack loose balls with confidence from any angle.

  • Light. Stiff. Strong.
  • Control the ball.
  • Ground ball dominance.

What The Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have To Say:

StringKing makes life pleasantly simple when it comes to choosing what head you should be using. Similarly to other brands, they have certain heads that adhere to specific positions. The Mark 2 series is broken down into Mark 2 Offense, Mark 2 Midfield, and Mark 2 Defense. Each line of heads have many similarities, however each position will need specific differences to give you an edge at your respective position. 

StringKing Mark 2 Defense: 

  • Wide face shape allowing players to easily pick off passes and scoop ground balls from any angle. 
  • Aggressive face shape channels the ball to the sweet spot for maximum control and feel on the ball. 
  • Stiffer and more durable sidewalls provide consistent performance on your checks. 
  • Strung with Type 4 mesh complimented with a high pocket. Allows for total control of the ball and a smooth release.