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StringKing Grizzly 2s Semi-Soft Goalie Lacrosse Mesh Kit

StringKing Grizzly 2s Lacrosse Mesh is StringKing's most durable and responsive goalie mesh yet offers unmatched rebound control, faster hands, and a more consistent release. This kit comes with top strings, sidewall and nylons, everything you need to string up your head to your liking at home!

  • Semi-Soft
  • Tri-Twist™ technology creates a durable construction in Grizzly 2 goalie mesh, giving you a high performance pocket that will last.
  • Tri-Twist™ technology increases the texture and elasticity of the mesh, giving you more control 
  • 20% lighter than Grizzly 1 for quicker reactions and more stops.
  • Comes with all the strings you need to string up your head.