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StringKing Composite Pro Attack Lacrosse Shaft 175g

The StringKing Composite Pro Attack Lacrosse Shaft 175g is the strongest of the three new composite pro shafts, making this baby ideal for your aggressive field attacker, and especially ideal for box lacrosse players. We would be surprised if you could shatter this shaft. Like the other composite pro shafts, this shaft is light, swift, and strong. StringKing made these shafts with quality carbon fiber, letting them be hollow without sacrificing strength, and they were made as stiff as they could get to eliminate inconsistency, so you can trust your stick!

Here is the difference between the Composite Pro Shafts:

Attack 135g- This shaft is an 30’ inch shaft designed for the younger player aged 13 and under. This is StringKing’s lightest option, and is one of the lightest options on the market.  

Attack 155g- The 155g option is recommended for the advancing player. A perfect combination of strength and weight, the 155g option is great for anyone aged 14-17. 

Attack 175g- For the elite player aged 18 and up. Coming in at 175g this shaft is the strongest option available from StringKing. This is designed to withstand the demands of the highest level of play. If you are an elite offensive player who loves to let it fly, this is the shaft for you.

What we think about this handle: 

StringKing made a great shaft here. The different weights and strengths are perfect for players of different ages as they advance through the game. We like the composite feel on these sticks as they have some grip but are not too rigid or rough in the hands. Every StringKing composite shaft comes with a roll of tape, a StringKing standard, which is such a cool feature! We would recommend that any player checks out the StringKing line of composite handles and see which version is right for your game.