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StringKing Composite 2 Pro Goalie Lacrosse Shaft - 142g

The StringKing Composite 2 Pro goalie shaft sets the standard. StringKing reworked their carbon fiber shafts by identifying areas that needed extra strength, and then reinforcing them using a smarter design and new, cutting-edge manufacturing. The result is a light, stiff, and now even stronger goalie shaft built to perform.

Smart Taper technology - StringKing is constantly looking for ways to update, improve, and build upon our products. Composite 2 Pro shafts are no different. They analyzed years of warranty and return data to see where their Composite and Composite Pro shafts were breaking—and that's where they made Composite 2 Pro stronger. Smart Taper technology uses material only where it's actually needed, giving you a stronger shaft at the same weight.

Cutting-edge manufacturing - StringKing has always focused on using advanced development and manufacturing to make the best, most consistent products possible. For Composite 2 Pro, they're using a new, automated layering process. Still overseen by the same great team we've trusted for years, but now with the precision and consistency of a machine. Because Consistency is King.

Enhanced performance - They're not here to sell you some fancy gimmick, or an old material with a flashy new name, or the same shaft with a different logo. What StringKing can guarantee—Composite 2 Pro is better. They took everything great about the first generation of best-selling carbon fiber shafts, and made them better. A stronger, more consistent, more reliable shaft for players who want the best.

Consistent construction - Consistency has always been king when it comes to performance on the field. An elite setup means nothing if your gear won’t do what you want it to. Composite 2 Pro shafts are stiff, eliminating unpredictable flex and making sure your stick does what it’s supposed to. Because stiffness is consistency.

Shaft Weight - 142 grams, making it perfect for younger players or those who prefer a lighter stick.