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StringKing Complete 2 Pro Offense Women's Lacrosse Stick with Composite Pro Shaft Type 4 Mesh

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The StringKing Complete 2 Pro Offense Women's Composite Lacrosse Stick is the highest performing women's lacrosse stick. It comes with an expertly strung, elite high pocket with Type 4 mesh and premium carbon fiber lacrosse shaft.

Mark 2 Offense Head: The lightweight Mark 2 Offense lacrosse head features an aggressive face shape and focused high pocket for better ball control and faster shots.
Type 4 Mesh: The softer and thinner construction of Type 4 performance lacrosse mesh delivers better feel, more control, and unmatched consistency.
Composite Pro Shaft: The Women’s Composite Pro, made of the highest quality carbon fiber, provides ultra-consistent performance in a lightweight package. It also features a soft-touch coating that stays grippy in any conditions.


  • Mark 2 Offense Head
  • Type 4 Soft Mesh
  • Composite Pro Shaft