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Maverik Optik 3.0 Strung Mens Lacrosse Head

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The Maverik Optik 3.0 Factory Strung Men's lacrosse head is designed for the elite attackman who initiates the offense. With the addition of Ground Control technology
and a shortened throat, this head will improve your accuracy, and control on the offensive end. Used by arguably the best dodging attackman of our generation; Team USA’s Jordan Wolf.

The Optik 3.0 is for the driving dodger, feeding visionary or illusive finisher. The Optik 3 combines features best suited for those quickest around the crease. An increased offset, dual-strut sidewall and optimal lace shape strike a perfect balance to catch, carry and control with brilliance. Additionally for those who initiate the offense, a shortened throat rewards players with unmatched top hand control. 

SHORTER THROAT, STRONGER DRIVES. CONTROL - The Optik 3.0 is designed to reduce the distance between your top hand and the ball resulting in unmatched control. The updated throat rewards one- and two-handed dodgers while backing in or driving GLE.

QUICK FEET. FASTER HANDS. CONSTRUCTION - With increased offset, dual-strut sidewall and an optimal face shape to catch, carry and control, the Optik 3.0 evolves yet again with tremendous feel for confidence everywhere around the cage.

  • XRail Technology -  Engineered to distribute the stress to the opposite rail creating a lightweight and stiff design.
  • Optimal Release Point - Increases control with added hold and has extreme energy transfer when shooting.
  • Tension Lock - Enables the stringer to precisely locate the defined shooting channel for increased accuracy.
  • DuraTough - Increases stiffness and provides consistency in all weather conditions.