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Lax Fan Custom Dyed Orange Gait D2C Close D Mens Lacrosse Head with White Hero Mesh

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Lacrosse Fanatic custom dyed this Orange Gait D2C Mens Lacrosse Head and strung it with White Hero mesh, navy sidewall and Orange/Navy/White Tri Color Shooters. It features our signatureMikie Schlosser (PLL Waterdogs) designed pocket. It's stylish and game ready out of the gate. Just throw it on your favorite shaft and go make plays. 

The Gait D2 Series offers defenders specialized tools for various defensive situations, providing advantages in disrupting opponents' possessions, controlling the ball, and dominating the ground game. The combination of Elevated Impact Ridges, Ball Dislodgment Technology, and Air Scoop are a central theme across the series, enhancing the defenders' ability to dictate play.

Gait D2C Close D – Attackman’s Nightmare

  • Purpose: Designed to make life difficult for attackmen.
  • Dominate both push and pull check with our Multi-directional Ball Dislodgment Technology. It increases the effectiveness of push and pull checks through raised sections of the top rail that amplifies contact in two directions while stick checking.
  • Elevated Impact Ridges disrupt opponents ball retention by forcing the ball to move around in the pocket and come loose.
  • Wide face shape with narrowed pocket improves interception ability and increases ball control when secured.
  • Air scoop allows the head to glide easily through all turf surfaces as well as reducing air friction when checking and throwing.