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Lax Fan Custom Complete Womens Lacrosse Stick - White Gait Whip 2 with White Armor Mesh Runner and True Lynx Composite Shaft

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Lacrosse Fanatic has created an awesome women's custom complete complete stick. We started with a White Gait Whip 2 head and had our lead stringer Mikie Schlosser (PLL Waterdogs) create a super smooth custom pocket using White Armor Mesh Valkyrie Runner and white strings. Then we paired it with a White True Comp 4.0 Lynx shaft and this thing is smooth! It is perfect for an intermediate to advanced player. 


Gait Whip 2 Head: 

The Gait Whip 2 Unstrung Women's Lacrosse head. This is the ultimate stick for offense to middie players. 

“The Whip 2 is the most well designed, easy to play with, and durable head on the market. It allows players to try bold, brave, and creative things with a stick in their hand. It has been crafted to allow for maximum hold, incredible speed and accuracy on passes and shots, and is the absolute perfect fit for the dynamic offensive player.  I am so excited for you to experience the evolution of my go-to head.” - CHARLOTTE NORTH

  •  Double Sidewall Design: Benefit from a widened catching area and a narrowed pocket, offering the perfect blend of versatility and accuracy. 
  • Bullnose Scoop: Revolutionize your ground ball pickups with the Whip 2's new bullnose scoop, ensuring improved efficiency in every plan.
  • Reduced Weight: Experience lightweight design that doesn't crumble under pressure, enhancing your on-field performance. 
  • Raised Stringing Holes: Achieve a deeper pocket in the sweet spot for precision and control, giving you the edge you need to dominate the game.


    True COMP 4.0 Lynx Women's Lacrosse Shaft:

    • COMP 4.0 Smartflex & SmartPly  (6 Flex, 7/8” to 1” Diameter)
    • Lighter & stronger than traditional composites, delivering the ultimate in feel and performance.
    • Optimized shaft flex for better shot speed and accuracy.
    • Soft touch grip for an athletic grip that stays warm in cold weather and won’t get slick in the rain.
    • 7/8” diameter transitions up to full 1 inch eliminating need for adapter
    • 156g


          Armor Mesh Valkyrie Runner:

          Valkyrie Runner is bringing ultimate ball control, durability and consistency to the game. 

          The Un-Fixed joints of our Valkyrie Runner, offer more feel of the ball, with less resistance points, as the joints flow simultaneously to help maintain control when cradling and catching.  Isolating the ball in the sweet spot, Valkyrie supports it from all angles. 

          The distinct "V" taper supports from the bottom, channeling from the sides, with the natural ramp and shooting strings from the top, keeping the ball right where you want it.   The new woven design coupled with the ultra strong and hydrophobic properties of our runner, helps to prevent bagging out of the pocket in any weather.  
          • Ultimate ball control and feel.
          • 100% waterproof
          • Zero bagging out
          • Strength 10X greater than steel
          • Fully customizable for any head
          • Shockingly consistent, smooth release
          • Quick break in