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Lax Fan Custom Complete Womens Lacrosse Stick - Dyed Green StringKing Mark 2 Defense Head and Yellow Crux Mesh 2

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Lacrosse Fanatic put together this fantastic women's custom complete complete stick. We started with a custom-dyed green StringKing Mark 2 Defense Head and had our lead stringer Mikie Schlosser (PLL Waterdogs) create a super smooth custom pocket using yellow STX Crux Mesh 2, white crosslace and orange sidewall and shooters. Then we paired it with a white True Comp 4.0 Lynx Shaft and this thing is smooth! It is perfect for an intermediate to advanced player and at $174.99 this is a fantastic deal!

The StringKing Mark 2 Defense Women's Lacrosse Head features a light and stiff construction with a moderate side profile and more forgiving face shape to help you maintain possession. The Mark 2 Head delivers consistent performance with a stiff design perfect for blocking passes, attacking ground balls, and pushing transitions. With a more gradual sidewall offset and wider face shape, the Mark 2 Defense helps you get and maintain possession on both ends of the field. The stiff and rounded scoop of the Mark 2 Defense lacrosse head helps you attack loose balls with confidence from any angle.

  • Light. Stiff. Strong.
  • Control the ball.
  • Ground ball dominance.


True COMP 4.0 Lynx Women's Lacrosse Shaft:

  • COMP 4.0 Smartflex & SmartPly  (6 Flex, 7/8” to 1” Diameter)
  • Lighter & stronger than traditional composites, delivering the ultimate in feel and performance.
  • Optimized shaft flex for better shot speed and accuracy.
  • Soft touch grip for an athletic grip that stays warm in cold weather and won’t get slick in the rain.
  • 7/8” diameter transitions up to full 1 inch eliminating need for adapter
  • 156g


 STX Crux 2.0 Women's Mesh features a unique tapered design that creates a targeted center channel for a consistent sweet spot. 

  • Ultra lightweight construction provides ultimate ball feel and control
  • Weather Weave™ weatherproof coating protects your pocket in poor conditions