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Lax Fan Custom Complete Womens Lacrosse Stick - Carolina/Black STX Crux 600 Head with White Armor Mesh Runner

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Lacrosse Fanatic put together this fantastic women's custom complete complete stick. We started with a Carolina/Black STX Crux 600 Head and had our lead stringer Mikie Schlosser (PLL Waterdogs) create a super smooth custom interlocked pocket using White Armor Mesh Valkyrie Runner and white strings. Then we paired it with a black STX Crux Pro Carbon shaft and this thing is sweet! It is perfect for an intermediate to advanced player.  At $179.99 this is a steal!


STX Crux 600 Head

The STX Crux 600 Womens Lacrosse head is engineered to give the attack player maximum control and superior ball retention. Innovative DropRail technology minimizes sidewall design for superior ball retention and a wider range of motion. 

  • Speed Scoop technology enhances ground balls while providing top string protection
  • Meets USL specifications


STX Crux Pro Carbon Shaft

The STX Crux Pro Womens Lacrosse Shaft features 10-degree off-set technology and to carry the ball high in the pocket while providing a little extra zip as the shaft flexes back into shape. This shaft is lightweight and stronger in key areas. 

  • Lightweight, low-profile composite with targeted strength in high-impact zones
  • Integrated Shaft Lock™ reduces head rattle
  • 7/8" handle flares to 1", allowing for a seamless head-to-handle connection
  • Molded end cap for permanent comfort and stability
  • STX-exclusive offset naturally drives the ball to the sweet spot.

Armor Mesh Valkyrie Runner:

Valkyrie Runner is bringing ultimate ball control, durability and consistency to the game. 

The Un-Fixed joints of our Valkyrie Runner, offer more feel of the ball, with less resistance points, as the joints flow simultaneously to help maintain control when cradling and catching.  Isolating the ball in the sweet spot, Valkyrie supports it from all angles. 

The distinct "V" taper supports from the bottom, channeling from the sides, with the natural ramp and shooting strings from the top, keeping the ball right where you want it.   The new woven design coupled with the ultra strong and hydrophobic properties of our runner, helps to prevent bagging out of the pocket in any weather.  
  • Ultimate ball control and feel.
  • 100% waterproof
  • Zero bagging out
  • Strength 10X greater than steel
  • Fully customizable for any head
  • Shockingly consistent, smooth release
  • Quick break in