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ECD Weapon X Faceoff Men's Lacrosse Head

The ECD Weapon X Faceoff Men's Lacrosse Head is revolutionizing the way you take the draw. It was designed from the ground up with all-time faceoff legend, Greg “Beast” Gurenlian, to allow you to do it all.

From the tougher plastic, to the asymmetrical strut design and optimized flex points, the Weapon X was engineered to wrap perfectly around the ball. It features a short throat allowing our hands to be closer to the ball for more leverage, power,and control as well as a smooth, round scoop to make ground balls in traffic a breeze.

  • Flex Form Material: Basically a super material that keeps its shape.
  • Precise Flex Points: You have never felt a head wrap around a ball like this.
  • Shorter Throat: more leverage means more wins. Gone are the days of missing ground balls.

Pair this with Hero 2.0 Faceoff mesh for the ultimate weapon at faceoff.


What the Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have to Say:

The design of this head is amazing!

ECD set out to create the perfect head for a face-off middie that not only faces off, but stays on as a field player. The face of the head maintains its pinched shape throughout, allowing the player to wrap the head around the ball during those 50/50 scrums. Typically, those 50/50 scrums really take a toll on the head which causes the head to "peanut" or "warp" out of shape. Not with this head.

A combination of flex points, type of plastic (Flex Form), and the asymmetrical struts at the throat, allow the head to flex at extreme angles but snap back into its original shape. Although, the Weapon X is stiffer and heavier than most face-off heads, you will still be able to dominate without compromising speed and flexibility.

Overall, this is a phenomenal head encompassing the flexibility of a face off head with the durability for a field player.