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ECD Rebel Defense CF5 Elite Setup Complete Mens Lacrosse Stick

For too long, players have disregarded factory strung complete sticks. ECD is here to change that. Strung by players, the ELITE Setup features a pocket fit for the pros, the CF5 carbon fiber shaft, and the pros’ favorite defensive head.
  • Rebel Defense Head: For the defensemen who strike fear in the opposing offense and aren’t afraid to take the ball to the net. The Rebel Defense is built to throw punishing checks, dominate ground balls, and fire blistering shots.  
  • CF5 Shaft: Carbon fiber with a uniform flex providing extra snap and feel on shots and passes
  • Hero 2.0 Mesh Elite Pocket: Strung by the ECD team for performance and consistency

What the Lacrosse Fanatic staff has to say:

This is a great setup for anyone whether they've been playing for two months or two years! The prestrung Rebel Defense comes with a pocket with plenty of hold and a smooth release. That paired with a carbon shaft with a great feel makes this complete stick a solid choice for a beginner's first stick or an experienced player's newest stick!