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ECD Infinity Womens Lacrosse Head

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 The ECD Infinity Womens Lacrosse Headis for the new generation of players. For the tough, the fierce, and the fearless. For the players pushing creativity and making jaws drop all along the way.

This new breed of player deserves a head that can keep up with their pursuit of greatness. That’s why ECD spent the past two years developing the Infinity head, which gives players the power, control, and finesse they need to change the game.

Head - The Infinity head features an aggressive lightweight design, a tight face shape, maximum offset, and a perfect launch angle giving you control and power like you have never felt. The Infinity was built for you to change the game. 


  • Sleek, Clean Design
  • Stiff and aggressive Head
  • ELITE Level Performance

What The Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have To Say:

The ECD Infinity Women's Lacrosse Head has arrived! This is the first women's head from ECD and the highly anticipated Infinity head did not disappoint. The design of the head is perfect for any age. Beginners to elite players to coaches and parents, this head does it all. The durability on the Infinity will definitely out perform some other heads on the market. While durable, it definitely does not compromise the overall weight. This head is still fairly light, making it perfect for the aggressive offensive player. Lightweight, stiff design, great release on the ball, the ECD Infinity will definitely be a dominant force on the field.