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ECD DNA Offense Strung Mens Lacrosse Head

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The ECD DNA Offense Factory Strung Mens Lacrosse Head is made for the grinders. The players who show up early and stay late. The players who are always working to improve their game. For the players with no quit in their DNA.

Engineered using FlexForm material and flowing geometry, the DNA packs a punch and virtually eliminates warping. This is the all-around beast lacrosse has been waiting for.

  • ECD Factory Strung with Hero 2 mesh with a mid/low pocket
  • Max Shape Retention - The DNA virtually eliminates warping by combining flowing geometry with our FlexForm material.
  • The Game’s Swiss Army Knife - The go-anywhere, check-anything, all-around beast lacrosse has been waiting for.
  • Made in the U.S.A. - Made with true American grit, ingenuity, and pride because that's what's in our DNA.


Lacrosse Fanatic's Review of the ECD DNA Head:

What The Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have To Say: 

If you play LSM or Pole and are looking for the perfect head for this position...look no further.

The ECD DNA head is the perfect head for you. Now, that doesn't mean you can't put the DNA Head on a shorty. We have seen plenty of short sticks play with the DNA head and ball out. With the DNA head weighing approximately 6.15 ounces or 175 grams, it is going to feel very top heavy. With that weight, that is very similar to if you were to put an STX Hammer on a shorty. It is going to be a very beefy head on a fairly lightweight shaft. Think very top heavy. The release is fairly similar to that of the ECD Rebel offense head (ECD heads typically have a more forward cant to their heads). The face of the head is not extremely wide thus allowing the head to maintain a nice pocket complimented with a tight channel and a ton of hold.

The ECD DNA Elite Pocket Factory Prestrung Lacrosse Head is designed for all ages and experience. It features ECD Hero 2.0 mesh strung with a mid/low pocket. This mid/low pocket allows the player to have a lot of hold and a smooth release as it exits the head. The shooters consist of one nylon across the top and one straight shooting string right below the nylon. This head comes in either white or striker mesh.