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StringKing Performance Type 4F Lacrosse Mesh KIt

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StringKing Performance Type 4F Lacrosse Mesh is specifically designed for face-offs.  It is by far StringKing's lightest mesh at 14 grams.  But don't let it's lightweight fool you this is an extremely durable mesh and can withstand the punishment of face-offs time and time again.

  • Lightest mesh on the market - 14 grams
  • StringKing Tri-twist technology
  • Both consistent and durable

Mesh Kit Contents:

Sidewall String x 4

Shooting Cord x 2

Bottom Lace x 1

Shooting Lace x 3


What Lacrosse Fanatic staff have to say:

StringKing Type 4F is one of the lightest mesh on the market.  We strung this up in the StringKing Mark 2F head and tested it in our training area.  It has stood up to the test of being tried again and again by customers on a daily basis. It is truly a great mesh.