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StringKing Mark 2G Goalie Lacrosse Head

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The StringKing Mark 2G Goalie Unstrung Lacrosse Head features an ultra-stiff construction, light-weight design and optimized face shape for faster hands and more saves.

More saves: With a design that maximizes both surface area and stiffness, the Mark 2G helps you make more saves every time you get in net.

Better control: The Mark 2G gives you more control over your lacrosse stick than ever before with a shortened throat and an unparalleled 42 stringing holes.

Faster hands: Eliminating unnecessary weight gives you a lighter goalie head and faster hands to make more saves.

What The Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have To Say:

The highly anticipated StringKing 2G Goalie Head has arrived. Right off the bat, you will notice a difference in the face shape of the 2G compared to other goalie heads. The 2G has a more elongated and forward canted face shape. The idea behind this face shape was to assist the goalie in soaking up the force of the shot when making a save. The forward cant combined with a sturdy sidewall means goalies do not have to worry about the head bending backwards and the ball potentially trickling in off of a shot as much. The 2G is also extremely light. It is the lightest goalie head on the market, meaning quicker hands, more saves, and faster outlets. Multiple sidewall holes, provides goalies with endless stringing possibilities.