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Cascade XRS Pro Lacrosse Helmet -White, White, White, Green

PLAY LIKE A PRO! At Cascade, they strive to outperform yesterday by redefining the performance of tomorrow. The XRS Pro advances with new protective features to extend coverage, enhance comfort, personalize fit, and increase vision. Validated in the lab and trusted by the most elite players and teams in the world. Play like a Pro


  • QUICK CLIP: Ready for Play - The new magnetic, self-fastening Quick Clip technology offers players speed and convenience. *Optional feature
  • PRO VISION: See More with Less - Experience the best facemask we’ve ever made. A new second VisionBar, angled to 32 degrees, improves downward visibility. See the ball, not the mask.
  • PRO FIT: Critical Coverage. Anatomical Fit. - Ergonomically-refined rear panel engineered for comfort, security, and extended occipital coverage.
  • PRO LINER: Stay Dry When Things Heat Up - We’ve elevated sweat management with a dry and light moisture-wicking fabric system to keep players comfortable when things get heated


  • COMFORT: Best-In-Class XFlow ventilation ports offer 2X breathability. Balanced and aligned, the XRS is designed with the center of gravity directly at the crown of the head.
    • XFLOW: Ventilation - Expanded ventilation ports provide breathability and allows more cool air to flow through the helmet, and for hot air to be expelled out of the rear XFLOW exhaust system.
    • 360 FIT: Comfort - Our all-encompassing fit system that focuses on comfortably wrapping around your head rather than sitting on top.
    • SPR FIT:  Fit - Personalizes every fit with adjustable sizing. Allowing a perfect fit for a broader range of head sizes.
  • TRI-LINER: Protection - Three different liner technologies unite to optimally address variable force impacts. Each piece of the Tri-Liner system integrates perfectly with each other to create a 360° Fit for the ultimate protection-first package.
    • SEVEN tech+: Protection - Compresses on impact to laterally displace energy, and within seconds, it completely resets. Placed in key impact zones through the side and rear to manage repeated impacts.
    • EAFX: Protection - A high-performance impact foam that provides maximum protection to the crown of the head. Shell and liner unite with this precisely molded foam that maintains shape and comfort under impact.
    • GEN 5 EPP: Protection - Engineered to manage variable force impacts that are specific to the front of the helmet and facemask.
  • JAWBONE: Protection - External double jawbone increases surface area to redirect ball impact.
  • X SHELL: Protection - SuperMono™ X Shell - One-piece shell and visor engineered to manage frontal impacts.
  • VIXION: See More - The XRS PRO is equipped with the VIXION system, increasing peripheral vision on the sides of the mask by 22%.
  • CUSTOM: Built and Shipped in as little as 48 Hours (depending on demand) - With over 9.6 million different color combinations, you can find a truly unique look for you, and your entire crew.