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Tipped Shooting Lace


The 33" Tipped Shooting Lace makes it easy to string up your favorite stick;  each pre-measured sidewall and bottom lace features an aglet (plastic coating similar to the end of a shoelace) to speed up your stringing and to help keep your knots tight.  These durable laces come in a variety of colors so you can up your game with your favorite team colors.  With a variety of colors to choose from, get creative with your shooters without being bound to the same color of your side wall and bottom lace.

Bottom Laces come only in white.

  • Sidewall Twice as durable and 20% lighter that other strings
  • Bottom lace is soft and easily adjustable
  • Dimensions: 33” Sidewall Strings; 13” Bottom Lace

What the Lacrosse Fanatic staff think of this product.

The 33" Tipped Shooting Lace takes the measuring, cutting and burning out of the equation and lets you get to the fun stuff,  making a ridiculously good-looking (name that movie) custom strung pocket.