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GLE is now Lax Fan Rewards

Lacrosse Fanatic has closed down our GLE Membership Program to make room for our Brand New Lax Fan Rewards Program. 


Welcome to Lacrosse Fanatic's Brand new rewards program: Lax Fan Rewards. 

 As a family owned and operated company your business means a lot to us. And we want to thank you for it!

There are many ways to earn rewards. The most straight forward is you earn 1 Lax Buck for every $1 you spend. Once you've earned 150 Lax Bucks, you can redeem them for a variety of rewards. You can choose from: $15 off coupons, free shipping, free stringing services, gift cards, free Lax Fan gear and more. ALL REWARDS ARE CALCULATED AT A VALUE OF 10% OF DOLLARS SPENT... THE HIGHEST OUT THERE!

There are four Lax Fan Reward Levels. Each level increases the amount and value of extra rewards and perks as you move up. Once you've earned at least 500 points, you'll be promoted from a Starter to a Pro.

We will also reward you for sharing our program with your friends. If you refer a friend they will get a $10 off coupon. And once they make a purchase, you will also get a $10 off coupon

Click HERE for additional information about the program.

If you're ready to start earning points and rewards then join now.