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Lacrosse Clinics



At Lacrosse Fanatic we love lacrosse!  We believe in giving back to the communities who partner with us to help grow the sport.  We have our staff, who have played at the high school, college and pro levels, volunteer teaching kids about lacrosse.  

  • Gym classes at schools
  • After school programs
  • We have hosted learn about lacrosse days
  • Teams have asked us to come out to their practices to help with drills
  • We have worked with parents and prospective coaches teaching them drills and overall about the rules of the game

By partnering with the teams who are partnering with us, we are teaching more families about lacrosse.  We have seen the overall number of players on these teams increase immediately following our community outreach. 

Please reach out to Mike Desir at to learn more about our clinics and partnership opportunities.