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The Top Reasons To Play Lacrosse

  • 3 min read

The Top Reasons To Play Lacrosse

Over the years, lacrosse has been dubbed as one of the fastest-growing sports in America. It could be that Ivy League institutions discovered the sport’s greatness a century ago. And with Title IX, many colleges continue to add D1 women’s teams too. As the sport continues to grow in popularity, more and more people are looking to play. Keep reading to find out a few more of the top reasons to play lacrosse.

It’s Safer Than Other Contact Sports

Even though the game varies based on gender, it’s still a safer option compared to other contact sports. The girls’ game honors the game’s native roots and is a mixture of soccer and basketball. While on the other hand, the boys’ game has an added level of contact—think hockey on land.

Despite the boys’ game featuring more contact, there’s still plenty of equipment like helmets, shoulder pads, arm guards, rib pads, and more that keep the player safe. Plus, US Lacrosse and the other regulatory bodies are continually reviewing the equipment and rules to ensure that all players are protected. Safety is a number one concern for parents and players, which is another reason why lacrosse is one of the safest contact sports out there.

Height Doesn’t Matter

With sports like basketball or football, you can be at a disadvantage for something you can’t control like height. The good news is another one of the top reasons to play lacrosse is that size doesn’t matter as much because skill level is far more important. If you put in the time working on agility and hand-eye coordination, you can succeed in the game.

Teaches Discipline and Teamwork

Sports is an incredible way to build character, and there’s no finer example of that than lacrosse. As previously mentioned, lacrosse is all about skill and teamwork, which means lots of practice. At a young age, this teaches discipline and the idea that putting in the work will pay off—a valuable lesson for any child as they grow up.

In addition to discipline, another great lesson from the game of lacrosse is teamwork. Lacrosse is very much a team sport where everyone on the team must work together as a unit to achieve greatness. Not only does this pay off on the field, but it is also beneficial off it. Lifetime friendships can form with teammates over the common bond of the game. For young athletes, that’s everything.

Combines Aspects of Other Sports

While lacrosse can be intimidating for those who are picking up a stick for the first time, the game is more similar to others than you might realize. Obviously, the hockey comparisons are easy to spot given the fast play and contact. But with the use of hand-eye coordination, it is also similar to baseball but without long periods of downtime. Elements of basketball and soccer also make up lacrosse, which makes it the perfect sport for athletes in the off-season or those looking to try other sports. Lacrosse is ideal for those who have grown up playing lots of sports but could never find the right one for them.

It's a Lifestyle

Lacrosse is something the entire family can get behind—since the games are fast paced, they are entertaining to watch. Additionally, the more you play, the more likely it is you will end up at a lacrosse tournament that can turn into a family vacation.

There is also an aspect of personalization that can be found in lacrosse—from custom stringing sticks to choosing the specific gear for your style of play. The love of the game can become a huge spark of positivity in someone’s life. Not to mention it's excellent for both mental and physical health.

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