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Lacrosse Fanatic Custom Stringing Service

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When you purchase any head from Lacrosse Fanatic, you have the option to have us custom string it for you. On each unstrung head's product page you have the options to select the perfect stringing combination of mesh, strings and design to fit your style of play. 

If you want us to restring your current head, we can do that too. Numerous customers drop off or send us their head to have it custom restrung by our staff. our policy is to have it done in 48 hours, but there are expediated options as well.

Prices for this service are $20 plus the materials for most heads ($25 for goalie). Call 916-363-8700 to speak to one of our staff members today and we'll help you improve your game with a custom strung head.

The Lacrosse Fanatic custom strung pocket was designed by MLL pro Mikie Schlosser and Cliff Hu. Mikie played at Davis High School, The University of Michigan and now plays professionally in the MLL. Cliff played at Robinson Secondary, Davis High School and Lynchburg College.

This custom, hand strung pocket is designed to give players optimal feel, hold and release of the ball while passing or shooting and features a mid-low pocket. Perfect for players of all ages and levels.

Whether you are a beginner, a pro, or somewhere in between-you will love this setup. They come game ready, with no break in time.