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How To Become a Successful Captain in Lacrosse

  • 2 min read

How To Become a Successful Captain in Lacrosse

A lacrosse team is full of different roles and personalities. A major role that is either sought after or turned down is being the team’s captain. If you are looking to take on the challenge of leading your team to success, here are some quick things to know on how to become a successful captain in lacrosse.

Set the Standard

The first piece of advice that captains in lacrosse should know is that you will have plenty of teammates looking up to you. Thus, you need to make sure you set the standard for the type of player the team requires. This means working hard, doing well in school, and—most importantly—respecting your coaching staff and teammates.

Know Your Team’s Goals

Another essential tip on how to become a successful captain in lacrosse is to know what your team’s goals are. Knowing the small and big things your team needs to accomplish will allow you to give your teammates a much-needed perspective on the season.

Push Those Around You

As a captain, you also need to hold your teammates accountable. Coaches set up expectations, and captains need to encourage individuals to live up to them. This could mean making sure players are all on time for practice and other activities, watching film regularly, doing wall ball, keeping up with school, and—of course—staying committed to the end goal.

Listen To Your Teammates

However, it’s important for captains to know that there is a major difference between themselves and the coaching staff. One key difference is that you are still a player, so you will instead act as a liaison between the two groups.

Be Their Voice

You are essentially the team’s voice, and bringing up any issues that may arise to the coaching staff to make the team experience better is on you. This may involve difficult conversations with coaches, but it’s important to know that you need to have your team’s back. On the flip side, this may include coordinating with coaches for fun stuff as well, such as getting the quality lacrosse team equipment they deserve.

Help On and Off the Field

Players on your team also need to come to the understanding that you are a resource to them, both on and off the field. This is especially important for younger players who are still finding their roles on the team. So, look out for your teammates and help them out, even if you aren’t in a game and they come to you for assistance.

In lacrosse, you form bonds that could be some of the strongest you have in your lifetime. Embrace what comes with wearing the “C” on the chest and be the mentor your teammates are looking for.