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4 Common Mistakes Young Lacrosse Players Make

  • 2 min read

4 Common Mistakes Young Lacrosse Players Make

Mistakes will happen as you develop in the sport of lacrosse, and that’s what practice is for! But if you want to make that club team or play in college, you are going to need to work on the errors of your game. Not to mention that correcting these mistakes can make your team better and calm down your coach. To help you be aware of what to look for, consult this list of some common mistakes young lacrosse players make.

Performing One-Handed Groundballs

Groundballs can quickly shift the momentum in a game, and it all comes down to who wants it more. Because groundballs are so important, it’s crucial for young players to perform them properly.

Many young players are guilty of scooping the ball off the ground with one hand because skilled professionals tend to do it that way. However, picking up a groundball with one hand can easily anger your coach because it leaves your stick vulnerable. Instead, you should get low and use two hands when going for groundballs.

Shooting Sidearm

Young laxers can also become entranced by how fast they can get their shot’s MPH by shooting sidearm. The only problem with this is that many of these shots tend to miss the net completely, and if it is on the cage, most goalies can read where the shot is going. A better shot that will increase your shooting percentage involves going overhand and aiming low.

Fading Away From the Net

Sticking with the topic of shooting, another common mistake young lacrosse players make is fading away from the goal as they shoot. Fading away might look cool in basketball, but doing it in lacrosse can impact your shot in a negative way. So, make sure you are moving your momentum toward the net as you shoot. The same mistake is often made when passing as well.

Not Practicing With Their Off-Hand

It’s well known that Canadian players are incredibly skillful with their dominant hand and don’t use their other hand at all, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn't master your off-hand. Being able to go both ways in lacrosse has some huge benefits, whether you’re just passing or shooting down the alley.

The ability to use both your left and right hand can make you a threat from anywhere on the field. This is why so many lacrosse coaches do drills both ways. However, hitting the wall on your own time will get you there much faster.

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