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True Zerolyte Lacrosse Gloves

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The True Zerolyte Lacrosse Gloves are designed for the elite player seeking maximum mobility and range of motion while providing the necessary protection where players need it. 

  • Orbit Cuff - A revolutionary glove technology that allows players to have a full range of wrist motion, dramatically impacting mobility.
  • X-TEC - Increased protection in key impact zones including thumb and wrist area.
  • AX Suede™ Quattro - Flexible four-way stretch and recovery for a secure, form-fitting shape


What the Lacrosse Fanatic Staff have to say:

These new True Zerolyte Gloves are fire. True built off the success of their Frequency 2 line with these awesome new gloves. The new cuff design gives you improved wrist movement while still offering extra protection around your thumb and wrist. We give these two well-protected thumbs up!