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True Zerolyte Lacrosse Arm Pad

The True Zerolyte Lacrosse Arm Guard is designed for the elite player seeking maximum mobility and range of motion while providing the necessary protection where players need it. 

  • Microban- TRUE liner will not absorb moisture and is treated with Microban® antimicrobial protection, inhibiting the growth of odor causing bacteria to help keep pads fresh
  • TRUE Grip Liner– places silicone liner in key slip areas to prevent pads from sliding up and down your arms. Allowing players to play continuously without restrictions.


What the Lacrosse Fanatic Staff have to say:

These new True Zerolyte Arm pads are nice. True built off the success of their Frequency 2 line with these killer new pads. They feel like they will soak the checks while not impacting your movement. And the dual straps and grippy liner will keep these babies stuck in place so you won't have to keep hitching them back up where they belong.