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True Vektr Factory Strung Mens Lacrosse Head

Seek & Destroy. The Vektr head is the most technologically advanced head ever from TRUE. It was made through a painstaking process of trial and error with over 20 rapid prototypes, hundreds of hours spent play testing with players at all levels of the game and some of the most advanced engineering flex and stiffness modeling software available. Through the process TRUE continually revised and refined the head until they created what we feel is the next generation of TRUE Heads.


  • SPEED STEP unlocks precision-crafted and perfectly tuned sidewall bars, providing improved pocket feel for maximum power and laser precise releases.
  • SMARTFLX profile provides all-around performance through its dynamic flex features. Strategic stiffness allows shot to shot energy transfer, while offering enough flexibility for improved durability and feel.
  • HIGH SCOOP ANGLE cups the ball deep into the pocket for effortless, on the run ground pickups.
  • MAX OFFSET provides the deepest legal mid / mid high pocket placement for increased ball control. 


Weight: 4.7 oz.
SmartFlx: Optimized Stiffness Profile
Colors: White
Position: All-Around


Check out this review from Lacrosse Fanatic's own MLL All-Star (Denver Outlaws) and True Athlete -- Mike Schlosser.

What The Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have To Say:

The new True Vektr head is a thing of beauty. We are extremely pleased at how stiff the Vektr head is compared to previous True heads. It isn't the lightest head on the market, but definitely not the heaviest either. True has not only improved the stiffness of the head, but the scoop as well. The design of the head allows players to scoop any ground ball from any angle with ease. The face shape provides a nice pinch and a gradual flare at the top for consistent passing, catching, and shooting. The True Vektr has plenty of stringing holes so you will be able to string up whatever pattern you prefer and dominate on the field. This hot ticket is going to be a game changer this summer!

Coach Cliff's video review is mixed in with the photos.