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True Prowess Factory Strung Women's Lacrosse Head - Ignite Mesh

Prowess. Shatter the norm.

The True Prowess lacrosse head is engineered to create the deepest, legal pocket. Holds the ball secure with your most aggressive moves. FlexScoop technology makes ground balls effortless — a perfect union of control, strength and feel. 

Don’t let your pocket be your toughest competition. The new Prowess provides maximum hold for your strongest moves, toe drags and ripping harder shots. You move — the ball stays secure. FlexScoop provides a full-on ground assault becoming flush with the ground for easier speed pick-ups.  Play fast and free with Prowess.

Prowess Head Strung with Ignite Mesh

Ignite is at the pinnacle of the women’s mesh movement.

  • Ignite Mesh by The Mesh DynastyTM was designed with two different diamond sizes for maximum performance.
  • Large diamonds give maximum depth and hold while smaller diamonds push the ball to the sweet spot.
  • Soft feel, resistant to water and stretch,