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True Prowess Comp 4 Single Twist Pita Women's Complete Lacrosse Stick

The True Prowess Womens Complete Stick featurimng the Prowess Head / COMP 4.0 x Black Pita / COMP 4.0. is the complete package. Prowess engineering, custom stringing and an optimized composite shaft with soft touch grip.

 Empower your game with the control, speed, freedom and confidence that comes from using a hand crafted high performance weapon of domination.

Prowess Head

  • Pressure Channel enables a deeper, more defined pocket channel when power cradling and winding up for the shot
  • Recessed Elbow allows pin-point pocket placement in the sweet spot
  • FlexScooplies flush against the ground for speed pick-ups, then adopts a curve for increased accuracy during shooting


Custom Single Twist Pita Pocket

  • Custom pocket designed by expert stringer @laxtractive after years of experimenting, testing, and proving at the NCAA D1 level
  • Single Twists and large diamonds work seamlessly with Prowess design to create deepest legal pocket in the sweet spot for maximum control.
  • Absorbs passes for easier catching.  Hugs the ball with maximum hold for fakes, toe drags, and ripping harder shots.
  • Take your stick work to the next level with a next level pocket 


HANDLE:  COMP 4.0 Smartflex & SmartPly  (6 Flex, 7/8” to 1” Diameter)

  • Lighter & stronger than traditional composites, delivering the ultimate in feel and performance.
  • Optimized shaft flex for better shot speed and accuracy.
  • Soft touch grip for an athletic grip that stays warm in cold weather and won’t get slick in the rain.
  • 7/8” diameter transitions up to full 1 inch eliminating need for adapter