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True Project Kenny 2.0 Limited Edition Defense Mens Lacrosse Shaft - 60"

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The True Project Kenny 2.0 Limited Edition Defense 60" Mens Lacrosse Shaft is built on True's COMP 4.0 with a custom design to celebrate the work at the Project Kenny Foundation and our Military. Key features include a unique raised dog Constrictor Grip pattern and visible call outs to each branch of the Military. TRUE has partnered with Project Kenny – a non-profit organization connecting military personnel with service dogs to aid in their therapeutic recovery – to bring you the Special Edition Project Kenny Comp 4 handle.

Featuring SmartPly and SmartFlex technologies, and Constrictor Grip, the Limited Edition Project Kenny 2.0 handle delivers impact resistance and strength with optimized flex for more feel and pop.

  • 156g
  • Fine Texture
  • Constrictor Grip
  • Comp

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