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True Key Comp Complete Men's Lacrosse Stick

The True Key Comp Complete Lacrosse Stick is a high performance for the experienced player. The pinched head allows you to have more accuracy and control in tight spaces.  The composite shaft is amazing and lightweight.  It's finish is smooth in the middle for quick hand adjustments.  But it has Constrictor Grip near the head and base of the shaft, providing the feel that you would normally get from tape.  This is a killer combination.

The complete stick is all white, which provides a clean look, while also providing the advantage over goalies who are trying to find the ball in the all white head. 

Key Head: 

  • Pro Pinch, Precision Flare, Iso-Twist, Aggressive Offset, 4.3oz

Key Comp 2.0 Handle: 

  • Featuring our proprietary SmartPly technology, which optimizes ply angle, order and thickness for maximum strength and superior pop.
  • 7 Flex, Fine Texture with targeted Constrictor Grip

True Mesh: 

  • Features TuffLight Technology to strategically reduce material in targeted areas, allowing for a lighter mesh with more feel, without losing durability.
  • 10D, Semi-Soft, 18 grams
  • Pocket was designed by MLL Lacrosse player Mikie Schlosser to have a smooth release with a nice deep channel.

What the Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have to Say

This complete stick is a screaming deal at $160. The head is responsive, the shaft is lightweight, and the Constrictor Grip is perfectly positioned while still allowing for easy hand movements with the smooth middle section.  The pocket is amazing.  But considering that Mikie Schlosser works at Lacrosse Fanatic, we might be slightly biased here!  We feel that the overall whiteout look, brings this whole thing together with a classic look for the advanced player, looking for the best deal.  This will be top seller.