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True HZRDUS Complete Mens Lacrosse Stick

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Designed for elite offensive players, HZRDUS gives players the perfect balance of weight, strength, and durability. The pro-pinch face shape is perfect for attackmen and midfielders looking for maximum control and accuracy. Torsion Rail Technology is engineered into the sidewall struts to maximize stiffness without the added weight. Twenty-one sidewall holes give players unlimited pocket options and unmatched control.


  • Torsion Rail Tech - Torsion Rail technology is engineered to give the head peak
    performance stiffness while allowing the head to remain
  • ProStiff - Innovative flex profile designed for the professional/elite
    player with a stiff flex to promote consistency and optimal
    accuracy when passing and shooting
  • Mid Angle Scoop - MID Scoop Angle heads have a scoop angle range between
    20°-40°. These scoops are designed for players approaching
    ground balls on the run with a traditional approach angle
  • 4.9oz


Tufflight 10 Mesh

  • 10-Diamond - Features TuffLight Technology to strategically reduce material in
    targeted areas, allowing for a lighter mesh with more feel without losing durability
  • Semi-Soft Performance Mesh - Breaks in quickly and holds its shape for a pocket that is ready to go on Day One


HZRDUS Comp Shaft

  • SmartFLX
  • SmartPly
  • Constrictor Grip
  • Profile-Unique concave design
  • 190g