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True Eagle USA Composite 4.0 Flex-6 Attack Lacrosse Shaft

This LIMITED ADDITION True Eagle USA Comp SF 4.0 Flex-6 Attack Lacrosse Shaft is one of the coolest limited addition shafts of the summer. The True design team started with one of True's most popular shafts and their graphic designers made it even cooler. 

The first thing we noticed was the fierce bald eagle, menacingly looking out from the middle of the white and black two tone shaft.  That is so cool.  Then we saw the USA  and United We Stand is proudly displayed on the shaft along with the stars and stripes at the bottom of the shaft.  Well done!  When we thought that was it, we picked it up and noticed that True's classic Constrictor Grip design was changed to stars in keeping with the USA theme of the stick.  The stars not only look cool, but they feel great with or without gloves. 

The shaft itself has the same great design that has made it extremely popular across all abilities.

  • Ideal balance of strength, weight and flex for any style of play
  • Extra torque and snap in your shot
  • High school and college are recommended to use the FLEX 6 rate that requires more strength to activate the flex
  • The FLEX 6 rate out of 10 will result in higher velocity when applying enough force to your shot
  • Composite Material reduces the overall weight of the shaft