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True Comp 4.5 U Constrictor Grip Attack 9 Flex Lacrosse Shaft

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The True Comp 4.5 U Constrictor Grip Attack 9 Flex Lacrosse Shaft is 15% lighter and 4% stronger than the comp 4.0. Made with Spread Tow carbon fiber, this shaft can be 15% lighter without losing any strength. 
  •  SmartFlex controls the flex rates along the handle. More flex near the head and mid-section provide added snap, speed and feel. Other areas of the handle have less flex for maximum cantilever output, accuracy and control.
  • SmartPly fiber angles and orders are optimized in up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in the shaft wall. SmartPly creates industry-leading impact resistance and strength while preserving flexibility.

What we think about this handle: 

This stick has a real unique look and feature to it. The constrictor grip that runs up and down the shaft will give your hands a great feel and take away the need for lots of tape. The stick feels very durable and lightweight and has different flex points that will make your shot deadly. We recommend this shaft to any serious attackmen or midfielders out there.