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True Comp 4.0 Constrictor Grip Men's 60" Defense 5 Flex Lacrosse Shaft

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The True Comp 4.0 Constrictor Grip Defense 5 Flex Lacrosse Shaft has a raised, textured grip along the length of the handle for added grip and control. The Comp 4.0 gives all the performance of top end alloy sticks, with a 10% weight reduction.

  • Premium performance, carbon fiber composite construction.
  • SmartFlex technology optimizes the amount of shaft flex for each position.
  • Slight concave shape and Constrictor Grip provide all-weather confidence without the need for tape
  • Smart Flex is a TRUE-exclusive design process by which a handles's stiffness profile is optimized for all types of play.

What we think about this Handle: 

True made a great stick here. This is for any D/LSM who wants a great stick at a reasonable price. The constrictor grip at the top and bottom of the shaft is a nice tough and the fine texture in the middle portion helps keep your hands in place. Lightweight and ready to throw checks, this is a top choice for players.