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STX Stallion 50 Boys Lacrosse Starter Set

The STX Stallion 50 Starter Set is perfect for your laxer who is just starting out at the beginner level, and wears the same size in chest, gloves and arm pads. At a discounted price, you will get all three padding, equipping your player fully when they step on the field.

*** We are down to very limited sizes on the Stallion 50 gear. If we don't have thes size you need in the starter set, please check out our selection of the newer Stallion 75 pads (sold as seperates) which replaced the Stallion 50 this year. ***


  • Ventilated palm and gussets for improved breathability
  • Lightweight construction in a robust polyester shell
  • Aspirational back-of-hand design harkens to the new Stallion 500 glove

  • Generous coverage area to protect new players
  • Expanded adjustability for a wider range of player sizes
  • Name tag ensures your pads remain yours
  • Integrated reversible pinnie holders

  • Generous coverage area provides protection for new players
  • Adjustable straps keep pad in place
  • Integrated flexion pads for added protection on the elbow and ulnar nerve
  • Name tag ensures your pads remain yours


The STX Stallion 50 is great set for elementary through junior high school.  But it can used beyond if you need to stretch a budget.  

Here are a few different ways to view sizing of these pads:

By average size for their grade in school

You can go up or down according if they are larger or smaller than the average size for their class.  Or if their hands, chest or arms are larger or smaller you can adjust each piece accordingly.

1st grade and under - XX Small

2nd - 3rd grade - X small

4th- 5th grade - small

6th-7th grade - medium

8th grade and above - large

Roughly by age and weight

XX Small - 3-5 years old

X Small - 6 years old, under 70 lbs

Small -  6-8 years old 71 - 90 lbs

Medium - 9-13, 91 - 140 lbs

Large - 13 years old and up, 141 lbs and up

If you have questions on sizing, don't hesitate to chat, or call the store 916.363.8700.  We size new players everyday and would be happy to answer your specific questions to help you get the right size for your player.